Online Go Courses for Beginners - evenings for American time zone

Join our Online Go Course for Beginners.


Do you want to learn how to play Go?
We offer a Go course for you.

Target of the course:
After the course you will be prepared to play Go on the 19x19 board.

Information about the course:
Students in a group (per teacher): 6
Length of the course: 24h in a period of 12 weeks
Length of each lesson: 2h (120 minutes)
Frequency: 1 lesson per week (Tuesday)
Time: 21:00 - 23:00 UTC-4 (New York time)
Language of the lessons: English
Teacher: Shawn Ray 4 dan AGA
Start of the next course: 03.09.2019
End of the course: 19.11.2019
Fee: 155 USD (or equivalent in EUR, RUB, PLN)*
*average mid-market (google) exchange rate at the time of payment

Plan of each lesson (first lesson will start from point no. 2):
1. Checking of homework (teacher will ask each student where to play and why, then the teacher will point out mistakes, speak why those moves aren’t good, where to play instead and the reason of it).
2. New material (theory and examples).
3. Games / problems for the students, where the just-heard theory should be used.
4. Games between students.
5. Reviews of the students’ games by the teacher (teacher will ask students why they played certain moves, point out major mistakes, speak why those moves aren’t good, where to play instead and the reason of it).

First 6h (three lessons) are planned to be on the 9x9 board.
Next 8h (four lessons) are planned to be on the 13x13 board.
Last 10h (five lessons) are planned to be on the 19x19 board.

If students have any questions - they can ask the teacher anytime during the lessons.
After each lesson (except the last one) teacher will send homework to the students.

All lessons will be held on OGS ( ) with dialog on Discord ( ).
Students will receive a video file (screen + sound) from each lesson.

If after the course you decide to join the Online Go Lessons for Double-Digit-Kyu, you will get 10% discount for the first season.

How to register for the course?
Write an e-mail to with your name*, country, OGS nickname, your preferred currency and method of payment**.
Any questions? - feel free to ask us.
Registration deadline: 23:59 UTC-4 on 27.08.2019 (you need to make a payment before the deadline to register)

*If you register - you give us permission to write your name and country in the list of participants. If you wish to remain anonymous - please, let us know before making a payment.
**Methods of payment: Bank transfer*** (USD, EUR, PLN), Card transfer**** (RUB), PayPal***** (USD, EUR, PLN).
***USD bank account is a TransferWise account in USA, EUR bank account is in the SEPA zone (Millennium Bank in Poland), PLN account is in Millennium Bank in Poland.
****Card for the transfer is from Tinkoff Bank in Russia.
*****For PayPal payment we add 4% to the price (for other methods of payments we don't add any additional charges).

If there aren’t enough interested people to fill the group of 6, we will ask you to pay a bit more (then you will attend the course in a group of less than 6 people) or we will return you the money you paid during registration (and the course will not happen).

If you are interested in taking part in this course, but you would prefer to have the lessons running in different time and/or different language - please, let us know - we will try to find the teacher and arrange a Go course in your preferred time and/or language.

Registered participants for the next course (03.09.2019 - 19.11.2019):

1. Man Lee, USA, ManKLee