The Game of Go and Its Help for Thinking Ability - Results of Scientific Research
Many people speak that studying Go develops the students’ minds. But is it possible to prove it? In this article you will find the results of scientific research that measure the impact of Go lessons for human’s brain and thinking ability.   The...
Ranks and Ratings in Go - Comparison
Learning the rules of Go is like opening a gate to the whole new universe. You can learn how to play Go here. The Go game has many aspects, elements of both strategy and tactics. A player can grasp new ideas about the game by playing Go, attending...
Pair Go - Team Variant of Go Game
Pair Go is a team-variant of the ancient strategy board game called Go, also known as igo in Japan, weiqi in China and baduk in Korea. How to Play Pair Go? In Pair Go, two pairs of two players face each other, making for a total of four players per...
Bent Four in the Corner (Go game) - the Imitation of Seki
There exists one very special (and rare) situation in the board game Go called a bent four in the corner. It looks very similar to seki but in fact it's much more complicated. Let's have a look at the group in the upper left corner. If White ever...
Seki - Life Without Eyes in the Game of Go
After reading the article about how to play Go you know that in the board game Go each of two players is trying to surround a territory. When one of the players has many stones in one area of the board, then for the second player it might be...
Go rules - Japanese vs Chinese
You might have already heard that there exist a few different sets of Go rules. In the United States both Chinese rules and Japanese rules are popular. In Europe most of the tournaments are played with Japanese rules but on some of the important...
Board game Go - eyes and false eyes
What makes board game Go special is that it has very simple rules and yet the game is deep and complex. To start to play Go you just need to know a few things – the concept of eyes is one of them. The Go board is empty at the start of the game. Then...
Board Game Go – How to Play?
The game of Go is played between two players on a square board. One of the players plays with black stones and the other one with white stones. The goal of the Go game is to surround a bigger part of the board than the opponent. Find out more about...
What is GO board game – the brief history
Go is a board game well known in the Far East. It combines simplicity with complexity. Playing Go is both a great entertainment and a way to develop one's mind skills. Go is an important part of Asian culture. In Japan, China (where it's called...
Board game Go and other games
Playing games might be both entertaining and educational. Logical games like chess, reversi or the game of Go offer a great possibility to develop one's mind in a fun way. By playing such games you can exercise your thinking power. What you should...

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