Online Group Go Lessons for 15-20 kyu

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These Group Go Lessons are the continuation of our Online Group Go Course for Beginners.



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The lessons are designed for players who already play Go on the 19x19 board and e.g. :
- can count the territory by themselves
- understand the differences between good and bad shapes
- understand the meaning of weaknesses in groups
- understand the differences between strong and overconcentrated groups
- can find ko threats while playing ko for life of a group

In other words - the lessons are designed for Go players of level 15-20 kyu who want to improve their Go level.



board-game-go.png Information about the Go Lessons:

The maximum number of students in a group (per teacher): 4
Length of each lesson: 1,5h (90 minutes)
Number of lessons: 16
Language: English
Teacher: At least 1 dan Go player, with at least 1 year Go teaching experience
Fee: 199 EUR per student per participation in all 16 lessons

A lifetime access to the videos (screen + sound) from each Go lesson will be given to the students.


go_strategy_board_game.png Where?

All Go lessons will be held on OGS ( ) with dialog on Discord ( ).
We will also prepare a special video about technicalities for you (i.e. how to use the OGS and Discord).

baduk_teacher.png Customers' opinions: (click to read)

I attended polgotes 15-20k course and really enjoyed myself. The teacher was very good and tailored the lessons to what he thought would be best for us.

The course was affordable and I think having a stronger player to point out and explain why your mistakes are mistakes was very valuable for someone with my rank.

I had no problem at all with the audio quality or anything like that and got recorded videos of all my lessons which was very nice to have.

I highly reccomend polgote



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