Interactive Online Group Go Courses for Beginners (version for children)

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Your child will be prepared to play Go on the 19x19 board after the Certificated 15-week Online Group Go Course for Beginners.





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Public schools don't teach strategical thinking?
Our experienced teachers will teach your child the strategical thinking through the game of Go



Are you tired after job?
Your child can join the Go lessons at home
You don't need to drive him/her anywhere


Only four students in a class
Great teacher-student approach
Your child learns Go very quickly
And what about you, parent? Would you like to learn how to play Go?
You will get a lifetime access to the videos (screen + sound) from each Go lesson of your child's group

You can watch the videos and learn Go as well (and after the lessons you can play Go with your child)





board-game-go.png What will your children learn from the Go Course? (click to read)


In this course our experienced Go teacher will guide your children through all the basics of Go game.

The Go course will start on the 9x9 board. After that part your children will understand the basic ways of capturing opponent's stones and the basic ways of protecting their stones. They will also be able to foresee the next several moves of their opponent while trying to capture some of their opponent's stones.

Then they will be guided by the teacher through the endgames on the 13x13 board. From that part they will learn how to estimate which endgame areas can give them more profit.

The last part of the course are the basic opening strategies of the 19x19 board. After that part they will understand how to start the game.

The teacher will also go with them through the shapes of stones, so that they will know how to create good shapes, which will give their stones an extra power for the next parts of the match.


Other things, which your children will learn from the Go Course:


  • They will be able to capture opponents' stones with particular methods, e.g. ladders, geta, snap-backs, throw-ins

  • They will know what are the ways to get more liberties with their stones

  • They will know which stones are dead and which are alive

  • They will be able to use the basic shapes of big-eyes to capture whole groups

  • They will understand the difference between sente, gote, double sente, reverse sente

  • They will be able to count the territory (during the game and after the game) by themselves

  • They will understand the differences between good and bad shapes

  • They will understand the meaning of weaknesses in groups

  • They will know the basic cuttable and uncuttable shapes

  • They will understand the differences between strong and overconcentrated groups

  • They will be able to find ko threats while playing ko for life of groups

  • They will know and understand the basic joseki and opening strategies on the 19x19 board

  • They will understand the weaknesses/strong points of shapes used in the basic joseki and openings

  • And even more...


After the course your children will also receive a pdf certificate for completion of the 15-week Online Go Course for Beginners.

go_game_training.png Information about the Go Course: (click to read)


The maximum number of students in a group (per teacher): 4
Length of each lesson: 1h (60 minutes)
Number of lessons: 30
Language: English
Teacher: At least 1 dan Go player, with at least 1 year Go teaching experience, able to communicate with children in a cool way :-)
Fee: 299 EUR per student per participation in the full Go Course for Beginners (version for children)

This Online Go Course is designed for children of age 7-13.
If you are looking for a Go course for older participants - check the Online Go Course for adults.

From the 9x9 board

Through the 13x13 board

Up to the 19x19 board


go_strategy_board_game.png Draft of plan for the Go Course: (click to read)




All Go lessons will be held on OGS ( ) with dialog on Discord ( ).

Teacher will have a video camera switched on during the lessons. Video cameras are not required for the students, but it would be great to speak face-to-face :-)

We will also prepare a special video about technicalities for you (i.e. how to use the OGS and Discord).

While taking part in this course, you accept that we will use some of the recorded videos from this course for further marketing and selling.

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