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You will be prepared to play Go on the 19x19 board after the Certificated 9-week Online Group Go Course for Beginners.





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Learn how to play Go in an efficient way
Join the course and learn Go online with one of our experienced Go teachers



Learn strategical thinking through the Go game from any place on the world
You don't waste your time travelling


Only four students in a class
Go teacher answers to your questions during the lessons
You learn Go faster than from any video courses or books


And if you can't attend some lessons or want to review the material?
Anyway you will get a lifetime access to the videos (screen + sound) from each Go lesson of your group




board-game-go.png What will you learn from the Go Course? (click to read)


In this course our experienced Go teacher will guide you through all the basics of Go game.

The Go course will start on the 9x9 board. After that part you will understand the basic ways of capturing opponent's stones and the basic ways of protecting your stones. You will also be able to foresee the next several moves of your opponent while trying to kill some of your opponent's stones.

Then you will be guided by the teacher through the endgames on the 13x13 board. From that part you will learn how to estimate which endgame areas can give you more profit.

The last part of the course are the basic opening strategies of the 19x19 board. After that part you will understand how to start the game.

The teacher will also go with you through the shapes of stones, so that you will know how to create good shapes, which will give your stones an extra power for the next parts of the match.


Other things, which you will learn from the Go Course:

  • You will be able to capture opponents' stones with particular methods, e.g. ladders, geta, snap-backs, throw-ins

  • You will know what are the ways to get more liberties with your stones

  • You will know which stones are dead and which are alive

  • You will be able to use the basic shapes of big-eyes to kill/survive with groups

  • You will understand the difference between sente, gote, double sente, reverse sente

  • You will be able to count the territory (during the game and after the game) by yourself

  • You will understand the differences between good and bad shapes

  • You will understand the meaning of weaknesses in groups

  • You will know the basic cuttable and uncuttable shapes

  • You will understand the differences between strong and overconcentrated groups

  • You will be able to find ko threats while playing ko for life of groups

  • You will know and understand the basic joseki and opening strategies on the 19x19 board

  • You will understand the weaknesses/strong points of shapes used in the basic joseki and openings

  • And even more...

After the course you will also receive a pdf certificate for completion of the 9-week Online Go Course for Beginners.

go_game_training.png Information about the Go Course: (click to read)


The maximum number of students in a group (per teacher): 4
Length of each lesson: 1,5h (90 minutes)
Number of lessons: 18
Language: English
Teacher: At least 1 dan Go player, with at least 1 year Go teaching experience
Fee: 199 EUR per student per participation in the full Go Course for Beginners

This Online Go Course is designed for adults (age 13+).
If you are looking for a Go course for younger participants - check the Online Go Course for children.

From the 9x9 board

Through the 13x13 board

Up to the 19x19 board


go_strategy_board_game.png Draft of plan for the Go Course: (click to read)




All Go lessons will be held on OGS ( ) with dialog on Discord ( ).

We will also prepare a special video about technicalities for you (i.e. how to use the OGS and Discord).

While taking part in this course, you accept that we will use some of the recorded videos from this course for further marketing and selling.

board_game_go.png Lessons in other time? (click to read)


Instead of joining the group lessons, you can also choose to get only an access to the videos from the 1st Go Course for Beginners (12 recorded video-lessons, 2h each) run on 28.09.2020-05.11.2020 and the 2nd Go Course for Beginners (18 recorded video-lessons, 1,5h each) run on 25.01.2021-25.03.2021 - both run by Marcin Majka 4 dan EGF.

Additionally you will get 2 individual lessons with the teacher (45 min each) at the convenient time/day for you, so that you can ask the teacher any questions you have.

Fee: 99 EUR

baduk_teacher.png Customers' opinions: (click to read)


I was very happy and satisfied with the Polgote Online Go Course for Beginners. I appreciate that the teacher introduced more advanced content when he realized most of us had some previous learning experience. I thought yesterday's lesson on evaluating the worth of different ko threats valuable and was the right level of challenge as a learner. I was challenged to grasp the concept but in the end with explanation I did understand. And thus took a good step in my development. I did take the beginners class because i didn't want to miss out on any basics that may happen from learning on my own. The teacher continued to hammer the basics at a more advanced level.
At the same time, the teacher went right back to the beginning for those of use that needed the very basics. Also at other time myself or other classmates had trouble grasping certain concepts. The teacher was very patient and was able to explain in different ways until we firmly understood the concept
The class consisted of students from all over the world so the set up allowed for different time zone. Having a recording of each lesson helped when I needed to go back to review or when I missed the odd class because of work. Playing against my classmates and then having the game reviewed by the teacher really helped my learning. The course was a great value for the amount classes and level of teaching.
I'm glad I took this course and look forward to taking the intermediate course



It is a very good course that has taken me from the "absolute" zero level to understanding the go game philosophy and principles. The instructions are clear, there are group discussions and homeworks. And of course games. Also the technical setup of the course works perfectly.



as a beginner I still had to learn a lot about the game, but my teacher (Higami) helped me through the basics in no time, and guided me on a very personnel way throughout the material to be acquired. Thanks to the homework, the recording of the lessons and the sporty contact with my fellow pupil, I managed to achieve my short time goal : be more confident on a 19x19 board, avoid making big mistakes, try out the theory that was teached. Thanks Polgote for this excellent experience, up to me to become stronger in playing games and exercise the Tsumego's. :-)



I attended a beginner Go Course - have to say the training just blew me away - my teacher was VERY patient but made sure we always stayed on conversation and had a really, really deep knowledge on the subject. I learned all the basic and took my game to the place where i can comfortably play GO online without stressing out. HIGHLY recommend this place to anybody looking to learn go



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