Life & Death Go Problems Packages

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You will improve your Go reading skills significantly while solving our Go problems with checking of your solutions by our strong and experienced Go teacher.





Life & death Go problems will be adjusted to your level



Go teacher will let you know which mistakes you made without showing you the correct answers



You will get helpful hints and tips to your wrong solutions



Register and get:
- Twelve life & death Go problems every week for a period of 5 weeks (totally 60 problems)
- SGF and PDF versions of the Go problems

Stanislaw Frejlak 7 dan EGF

20 EUR per student*

*Each Go problem will be checked up to your 3rd wrong answer.



Samples of the Go problems for the level of approx. 5 kyu EGF:


Customers' opinions: (click to read)

Excellent service. Highly recommended!
I've been solving problems through Polgote for a couple of months, now. I love the service, and it's one of the main ways I study go these days.

You might say that you can solve problems on your own. That's true, but the extra social accountability of knowing your solutions will be graded is quite motivating.

I highly recommend the service to anyone interested in training their reading ability.



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