Stanisław Frejlak

Name: Stanisław Frejlak
Country: Poland
Strength: 7 dan EGF
Available languages: English, Polish, Chinese
Price per 1h (60 minutes): 22 euro

Career and achievements as a player:
I started playing go at the age of six. In 2012 I became Polish Champion. When I finished my high school I decided to treat go more seriously and joined the EGF Academy. One year later I went to the Ge Yuhong Academy in Beijing. I studied there for 15 months in total. My main achievement is the 4th place on World Amateur Go Championship 2018.

Career and achievements as a trainer:
For a few years I have been the main teacher at the Polish Summer Go Camp. I am also responsible for a tsumego & yose competition in the EGF Academy.

Suggested style of classes:
- Online review of your game (on OGS or KGS)
- Teaching game with review

Suggested time per one lesson:
1,5h (90 minutes)

10% discounts for each student of our Online Go School
If you order 4 lessons (1,5h) you will get one more for free.