Shawn Ray

Name:  Shawn Ray
Country:  USA
Strength: 4 dan AGA
Available languages: English
Price per 1h (60 minutes): 25 USD

Career and achievements as a player:
I have been playing Go for 12 years and I have been teaching Go for 10. I'm most well known for my approach to Go called the Clossi Approach which is a step by step guide to the game.

Career and achievements as a trainer:
My greatest achievement as a teacher is taking a student from 12 Kyu to 1 Dan in a little over a year. That student then became a 6 Dan a year later through his own efforts utilizing the methods I taught him.

Suggested style of classes:
Suggested Lessons are one lesson a week for a minimum of a month to get a rough idea on how to study and what to focus on.

Suggested time per one lesson:
Lessons are 45 minutes lecture and 15 minutes for any questions.

10 USD discount (price: 15 USD) for your first lesson as a trial lesson.