Intensive Go Training Camp for Dan Players

Polska wersja


07.11.2020 - 14.11.2020 (7th November 2020 - 14th November 2020)

Dom Eturia, Suchoraba (25km to south-east from the city center of Kraków, 37km from the Kraków-Balice Airport)

Mateusz Surma 2p

Minimal rank of each participant:
1 dan (no possibility to register for players, whose rank is lower).

Limit of participants at the training camp:
12 participants

Language of lessons:
English (most important moments of reviews and lectures, if possible, may be translated to other languages)

Entry fee:
230 EUR/person (for participants registered until 25th September 2020)
345 EUR/person (for participants registered after 25th September 2020)

- participation in all activities
- accommodation
- tea, coffee, sugar, coffee cream

Schedule (click to enlarge):

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Venue of the camp (venue of playing and sleeping):
Dom Eturia in Suchoraba -

Address: Suchoraba 12, 32-005 Niepołomice, Poland

At the venue there are available: wi-fi, kitchen (fridge, microwave, hob, oven, dishes, cutlery, dishwasher), washing machine, dryer, parking places

Accommodation in two- or three-person rooms.
In each room there is a bathroom (hot water, towels, bed linens, soap, shampoo, hair dryer).


It's possible to order transport (payment after arrival).
Transport by car to the venue of the camp (available only on 07.11.2020 and 14.11.2020) from Kraków-Balice Airport or from the venue of the camp to Kraków-Balice Airport: 50 PLN/person (approx. 11,5 euro)
Transport by car to the venue of the camp (available only on 07.11.2020 and 14.11.2020) from Kraków Main Train (or Bus) Station or from the venue of the camp to Kraków Main Train (or Bus) Station: 30 PLN/person (approx. 7 euro)
It's possible to order the transport from the airport/train station/bus station until 6th November 2020.

It's possible to order catering from the restaurant (payment after arrival).
Cost: 65 PLN/person/day (approx. 15 euro) - breakfast, lunch, dinner included.
It's possible to order catering until 25th September 2020.

Other possibilities:
It's possible to order food online with delivery.
There is a pizzeria approx. 400m from the venue of the camp.
There is a grocery approx. 1300m from the venue of the camp.

How to register?
Write an e-mail to with your name, country, rank, preferred method of payment.
You need to pay the entry fee to register.
Registered participants give a permission to publish their name, country and rank on the list of participants.

Registration deadline:
Moment of registration of the 12th participant.

Information about payments:
It's possible to pay in EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, PLN (for non-EUR payment, we use average google rate at the time of registration).

Methods of payment: Bank transfer* (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN), Card transfer** (RUB), PayPal*** (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN).
*EUR bank account is in the SEPA zone (Millennium Bank in Poland or Transferwise account in Germany), USD bank account is a TransferWise account in USA, GBP bank account is a TransferWise account in Great Britain, PLN account is in Millennium Bank in Poland.
**Card for the transfer is from Tinkoff Bank in Russia.
***For PayPal payment we add 4% to the price (for other methods of payments we don't add any additional charges).