Online Group Go Lessons for Double-Digit-Kyu

Join our Online Group Go Lessons for Double-Digit-Kyu.


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Information about the lessons:
Level of students for whom these lessons are directed: between 20 kyu and 10 kyu

Students in a group (per teacher): 6
Length of each lesson: 1h (60 minutes)
Teacher: at least 1 dan player, with at least 1 year teaching experience

If you want to take part in these lessons, we need some information about you:
- when you can (you prefer to) have the lessons (what days, what time)
- in what languages you can (you prefer to) study

We will try to find the teacher and other students who can have lessons at the same time as you and who can speak the same language

Fee: 6 EUR (or equivalent in USD, GBP, RUB, PLN)* per student per lesson
*average mid-market (google) exchange rate at the time of payment

Plan of the lessons:
1. New material (theory and examples).
2. Problems for the students, where the just-heard theory should be used.
3. Reviews of the students’ games by the teacher (teacher will ask students why they played certain moves, point out major mistakes, speak why those moves aren’t good, where to play instead and the reason of it).

If students have any questions - they can ask the teacher anytime during the lessons.

All lessons will be held on OGS ( ) with dialog on Discord ( ).
Students will receive a video file (screen + sound) from each lesson.

How to register for the lessons?
Write an e-mail to

Information about payments:
When we gather a group of 6 students and the teacher (who can have the lessons in your preferred time and language), we will write you about that. After you confirm that you want to attend the lesson/lessons, we will ask you for making a payment.

Methods of payment: Bank transfer*** (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN), Card transfer**** (RUB), PayPal***** (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN).
*EUR bank account is in the SEPA zone (Millennium Bank in Poland), USD bank account is a TransferWise account in USA, GBP bank account is a TransferWise account in Great Britain, PLN account is in Millennium Bank in Poland.
**Card for the transfer is from Tinkoff Bank in Russia.
***For each PayPal payment we add transaction fee (4% + 0,35 EUR) or (5% + 0,30 USD) or (4% + 0,20 GBP) or (3% + 0,80 PLN) to the price (for other methods of payments we don't add any additional charges).

Registered players (languages / availability):

We make every effort to ensure that the Go products and Go lessons/Go courses we offer are of high quality.
If the product does not meet your expectations, please contact us within 30 days of purchase.
If the Go lesson/Go course does not meet your expectations, please contact us within 30 days after the lesson/course.
We will refund you 100% of the amount you paid.