Eileen Wu

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Name: Eileen Wu
Country: United Kingdom
Strength: 2 dan EGF
Available languages: English, Chinese
Price per 1h (60 minutes): 30 GBP


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My Go Journey:
Go is definitely one of the most important parts in my whole life.
I started learning Go at my parents’ Go training institution in 2003.

After volunteering at the First Chinese Go Congress, I joined a leading Go company, YIKE (also known as: 弈客, Golinksworld) in 2017.
My work mainly involved writing Go-related articles, organising online activities for users, and most importantly, recording and publishing Go teaching tutorials.

As a result of playing a prominent role in the Go field, I was fortunate to be invited by Shanghai TV in 2019 to co-host the exclusive live streaming event of the final public match to be played by the 14-times World Go Champion - Lee Sedol.
I have also been commentating on international Go competitions in English, collaborating with native players and organisers.

My Main Achievements:

  • 08/2022 - Honored as the Excellent Teacher of Shanghai Jianqiao International Summer Go Camp.
  • 09/2021 - Invited to stream Jianghan International Go Competitions in English, reported by Xinhua News Agency.
  • 2019-2020 - Signed with Huya Live streaming platform as one of the first four official Go streamers. Contributed to online streaming for Go competitions and cultural and teaching activities, followed by 17 thousand subscribers.
  • 2019-2020 - Hosted the Artificial Intelligence and Go Education Forum twice. Invited as Special Media to attend and report the 3rd Chinese Go Congress. Invited by Shanghai Media Group Ltd to present Go tournaments on live TV.
  • 2018-2020 - Recorded & published two series of Go tutorial videos; "Gangmei Teaches Go" (48 episodes in two seasons) and "Concise Go Teaching" (12 episodes) accumulate over one million views in total.

Go lessons with me:
I specialise in teaching Go to beginners and K-level players, with a systematic approach and a unique style developed through my rich experiences in teaching Go online and offline.

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10% discount for orders of 5 or more lessons.
5% discount for Chinese learners.

Group learners in each lesson:
Two learners: 18 GBP per person (36 GBP for two in total)
Over two learners: 15 GBP per person.



08/2019 Attended as Special Media in Chinese Go Congress



12/2019 Present Go tournaments played by Lee Sedol on live TV



Uploaded online tutorials on Yike application


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