History of Go in a Nutshell
Go is an important part of Asian history and is a traditional game of China, Korea and Japan. Nowadays Go is becoming more popular in the other regions of the world. It's a game with no borders, connecting people from various countries and cultures...
Various Goals in the Most Classic Board Games - Go vs Chess
Playing classic board games might be both entertaining and educational. Chess and Go (board game) offer a great possibility to develop one's mind in a fun way. By playing such games you can exercise your thinking power. However, the objectives and...
Go (baduk, weiqi) is an ancient board game that has many similarities to running a company. Improving at Go can help you improve your business thinking. How are they connected? Check the comparison: "Go (baduk, weiqi) vs Business Thinking". But...
Go Game - the Most Basic Information
Since many years Go is a popular game among businessmen in the Far East (China, Korea, Japan). Nowadays it keeps getting more popular also in the other regions of the world. Go is the game, which will help you develop your mind. Go game – frequently...

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