Launch of the New Platform for Booking Online Go Lessons

Dear Go player,

My name is Mateusz Surma.
I’m a professional Go player, but also the founder and CEO of

If you’re reading this message, you probably noticed that our website has changed.
Besides the website, our business model has changed as well.
The online Go school and the shop have been closed.
And the new platform for booking online Go lessons, or in other words “the Marketplace of Online Go Lessons” has been launched at the old domain.

Thank you for these 7 years of being a valuable customer of polgote – for your orders of Go lessons, for being a student of our online Go school, and for your orders of Go books and Go equipment at our online shop.

Why the platform for booking Go lessons was built?

Over the years I received a lot of information about students’ and teachers’ challenges and problems while studying and teaching Go.
And finally, I understood that improving in Go is not the main problem.
The main problem is improving in Go as much as possible while investing in it as short a time as possible.

A teacher can try to develop their own teaching skills. These will help them become a better teacher; thus, their students will be able to learn faster.
However, unnecessary communication, repetition in communication with various teachers/students, the process of finding suitable teachers, the process of booking lessons, changes in schedules, lesson cancellations, payments, searching for recorded videos from lessons – these things also take time.
The easier they are, and the less time they take, the better the ratio of “improvement vs. invested time.”

This new platform is the go-to tool that helps Go students and teachers save their time.
Time that used to be wasted by a lack of organization of these processes.

I encourage you to invest about 5-10 minutes now to create your account and write the information about you and your goals that will be visible to your teachers. Then you will start to be able to book Go lessons – dedicated and tailored to you – with just a few clicks each time.

If you have any questions or suggestions what should be improved at the platform, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

Have nice lessons 🙂
Mateusz Surma