Go Boards and Stones to Print

Would you like to start playing Go without looking constantly at the screen and save a few bucks from not buying a 9×9 Go set? Or perhaps would you like to have some fun with your kids even before they get to know how to play Go? The printable 9×9 Go board and stones are here for you.

9×9 Go board and stones to print

It’s recommended to print the 9×9 board and the 40+40 stones on an A4 paper format.

Go boards usually have various hues of brown and yellow, so you can e.g. print the board on a brown sheet of paper or print the board on a simple white sheet and then use some brown crayons and colour the board by yourself (or delegate the colouring job to your child).

If you keep the board white, it might be more difficult to differentiate the white stones from the white board.

It’s recommended to print the stones on a paper of a thicker grammage, e.g. 200g/m2 (0.66 oz/sq ft) or higher. This way the stones will be a bit more stable and playing should also be more comfortable for you. After printing, just take your scissors and cut out the stones.

Colouring the board and cutting the stones might also be an interesting way of spending an hour with a 3-year old child. Then the child might be even a bit more engaged in playing Go, because they would be the creators of the game 😉

9×9 Go board to print (PDF, A4 paper size):


40+40 Go stones to print (PDF, A4 paper size)


13×13 Go board to print

It’s recommended to print the 13×13 board on an A3 paper format. For having more stones, you can simply print two A4 pages with stones, which are above.

However, if you already played some face-to-face matches on the 9×9 board and would like to move to the 13×13 board, usually it’s a good moment to decide to buy a better Go set.

You want to move to a bigger board, so it means that you tested the game of Go and you like it, so why not making the game experience more comfortable for you?

You should feel a significant difference between playing Go on a paper set and a simple, cheap Go board made of MDF and some ceramic, glass or even plastic Go stones.

The highest quality Go sets might be very expensive. So, if you recently only started to play Go, there should be no need for you to buy them. Usually it might be interesting to consider buying the more luxurious Go sets when you start to feel that Go is really the game for you and you are going to play it for at least a couple of years.

13×13 Go board to print (PDF, A3 paper size):