Solid ceramic Go stones, single convex

39,99 €

Single convex ceramic Go stones with high breakage resistance.


The set of solid ceramic Go stones consists of 181 black stones and 180 white stones, which are packed in two plastic bags.

Diameter of a black stone: approx. 22,95mm
Diameter of a white stone: approx. 22,74mm
Height of a stone (black or white): approx. 6mm

Weight of the Go stones: 1,6 kg

Btw. It's also possible to buy any other number of Go stones (you can simply choose 1 black or 1 white stone and then change the amount in the shopping cart).


Many various kinds of ceramic or glass Go stones break after falling on the floor. While playing Go with children, it's possible to realize quite quickly that after playing several Go matches, big number of the Go stones will be on its way to the trash bin.

The plastic Go stones might be an alternative. And they are even cheaper than the ceramic or glass Go stones. However, the comfort of playing Go with the plastic stones leaves much to be desired.

While playing Go with our stones, you are absolutely sure that the comfort of playing Go will be on a very high level.

The colours of the Go stones - black and white - are very pure. The stones aren't shiny, therefore - eyes don't get that much tired after playing a few-hours long Go match.

The Go stones offered by us are harder and more durable than the traditional ceramic Go stones.

Our Go stones have been manufactured using a new, enhanced technology of Go stones' production. The technology is patented by the producer.

These ceramic Go stones are not yunzi stones. Polgote ceramic stones are new-generation stones (they are made using new technology) and they are made by a different producer than the yunzi stones.

Interesting fact 1: When we keep the Go stones against the light, the white stones will be brighter and the black stones will be brighter and a little bit green. It doesn't matter at all during playing Go matches, because the side of the stone, which reaches the light, keeps being dull, so it's white or black.

Interesting fact 2: The black Go stones get covered with white powder in a natural way. It's because the material, from which the black stones are made, keeps getting oxidated. However, it's enough to plunge the black Go stones into the water from time to time (once per a few months should be easily enough) and the stones will be completely black again. After washing and drying the stones, it's also possible to add a little bit of any kind of mineral oil (e.g. sewing machine oil) and rub - the Go stones will be brighter.



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