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Comfortable Go clock with a big display, big buttons and all of the most important time counting modes.


You will easily see how much time exactly left for you and for your opponent thanks to the high-definition big LCD display.

Very accurate anti-interference time measurement for many years is provided by the first-class integrated circuit of the Japanese company EPSON.

We notice whose turn is at once because of the protruding big button, which players press after playing a move. The lifetime of this button is more than 100 000 moves.

Better to think about the next move, not about the clock. You will not have any more doubts like "have I pressed the button strong enough?", because you feel, hear and see that the button has jumped to the opponent's side.

You don't need to look at the clock when you have small amount of time left either, because (if you wish) the clock will be telling you how much time more left for you to play a move.

The clock won't be either "riding" throughout the table because of the anti-slippery cushions placed in each of the four corners of the bottom of the clock.

You can play go, draughts, chess and other games with a time limit because of the possibility of setting 8 most important time counting modes:
1. Standard countdown mode
2. Fischer mode (adding extra time before each move)
3. Bronstein mode (delay of counting time)
4. Bonus mode (adding extra time after each move)
5. Canadian byo-yomi mode
6. Japanese byo-yomi mode
7. Rapid byo-yomi mode
8. Countup mode

The voice countdown is in English.

Two AAA batteries and the manual in English and Polish are attached to the clock.

Weight: 0,23 kg


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