Go postcards and Go posters

Go Postcards
1. Go Samurai
2. Go Elephant
3. Go Penguins
4. AlphaGo's Shoulder Hit
5. The Raccoon Dog Drums Belly
6. Shared Life on the Goban
7. Logo of Amsterdam Go Tournament
8. Kiai!
9. Tortoise Shell
10. Go Butterfly
11. The Ear Reddening Move
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All designs are prepared by Kim "Murugandi" Ouweleen.

There are 11 designs totally (descriptions written by author):

1. Go Samurai is an appropriation of a famous woodblock print by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi.

2. The Go elephant is admiring Lee Sedol's famous wedge that made AlphaGo go on tilt in game 4 of their best of 5 match, in 2016. Proclaimed by his friend Gu Li 9p as "The Divine Move".

3. The Go penguins seem very stoic about AlphaGo's brilliant shoulder hit on the fifth line, a move that bewildered the world when it was played against Lee Sedol in game 2. Secretly, the penguins are impressed, too.

4. A close-up of AlphaGo's brilliant shoulder hit.

5. "The Raccoon Dog Drums Belly" is the name for a very specific and beautiful tesuji of 2 stones that are played on the first line, killing the opponent's stones: https://senseis.xmp.net/?TanukiNoHaraTsuzumi

6. "Shared Life on the Goban" was originally created for the American Go Association. The 6x6 whole-board seki illustrates the idea that as go players we all share life / our lives on the go board together.

7. The logo of the Amsterdam International Go Tournament, originally created in 2016.

8. Kiai! Originally an illustration to the French book "Les Chants de Maldoror" written by Le Comte de Lautréamont (1868). In the book the main character Maldoror takes on the form of a giant eagle to fight God, who is half dragon-tiger, half serpent. The go board position is from a game from the 18th century between legendary player Fan Xiping (black) and Liang Weijin (white), known as "nailing down the guoshou title".

9. A pun on "The Tortoise Shell", the name for one of the strongest shapes in go: https://senseis.xmp.net/?TortoiseShell

10. A butterfly free of worries, originally made as a logo for the European Youth Go Championships in Zandvoort in 2015.

11. The Ear Reddening Move. Originally created for the 3rd Latin American Go Congress that took place in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in October 2019. The toucan and cactus are symbols for Latin America.

4 formats are available:
A6 Postcards: 10,5 cm x 14,85 cm
A4 Posters: 21,0 cm × 29,7 cm
A3 Posters: 29,7 cm x 42,0 cm
A3+ Posters: 32,9 cm x 48,3 cm

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