Go Board 19x19 and 13x13 (0,3 cm)

14,50 €

Double sided Go board - on one side 19x19 Go board, on the other side 13x13 Go board.


This Go board has been made from the medium-density fibreboard (so-called MDF) and has been covered with a high-quality varnish.

Dimensions of the Go board: 47cm x 44cm x 0,3cm
Weight of the Go board: 0,5 kg


How is the fibreboard Go board being produced?
1. On the start various pieces of wood are crumbled on small shavings.
2. The shavings are pressed in high temperature and under high pressure.
3. The shape of a Go board is cut from a bigger piece of the pressed material.
4. Then the pressed shavings are smartly ground and varnished.
5. The lines are painted.
And the Go board is ready :-)

This way we can play Go on a Go board made basically from wood. The comfort of playing Go is much better than playing on the Go board made of e.g. paper or cloth.

The sound, which we hear after placing the stone on the Go board made of fibreboard, is similar to the sound of the stone placed on the Go board made of one piece of wood (or of several pieces of wood).

However, the manufacturing cost of the Go board made of fibreboard is a few times lower than the cost of producing the Go board made of several pieces of wood and dozens of times lower than of the Go board manufactured from a single piece of wood.

In regards to the price difference between Go boards produced of big pieces of wood - this what matters is a species of wood and its availability. Additionally, from some species of wood it's absolutely impossible to create nice Go boards because of their low strength of material. We should also remember that each piece of wood needs to be cut and ground and it also creates bigger costs.

When it comes to the prices of Go boards made of a single piece of wood - the species of wood and its availability matters as well, but much more important is a very small availability of such big trees - the trunk of the tree, from which these kinds of Go boards are made, must be very thick. Especially that we want to have the Go board durable, therefore - this piece of wood, from which the Go board is made, shouldn't contain the middle part of the tree trunk at all.

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