Bamboo gosu

29,99 €

Elegant pair of bamboo gosu (bowls for the Go stones).


At a time, when it's not possible to see the Go stones on the Go board, it's possible to see gosu. Gosu are the eye-pleasing bowls, which stay on the Go board at a moment when you aren't playing Go.

We need a board and stones to play Go. Of course it's possible to keep the Go stones in some shopping bag and keep them on the table in bulk while playing Go matches. However, the Go stones kept like this have tendency to get lost. Instead, we can apply the special, practical Go bowls. These Go bowls are called "gosu" in Japanese and this name became also a popular name used in the "western" countries.

This beautiful gosu set consists of two Go bowls - one for the black stones, one for the white stones. Gosu have been designed in a way to fit and keep in them a full Go stones' set for 19x19 Go board.

Weight of gosu: 0,95 kg

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