Online Go School - America

Join our Online Go School for evenings in American time zone.


What is it?
- Students are divided into groups of 6.
- They play games online once per week.
- On the next day, a teacher reviews these games.
- Players move up/down in the league according to their results.
- Students get prizes for victories and achieved places.

Suggested level of students for whom these lessons are directed: 9 kyu and stronger (weaker students are invited for Online Group Go Lessons for Double-Digit-Kyu ).

League games start at: 21:00*
Students are allowed to play in some other time only if they both agree to change the time of their game.
Review sessions start on the next day at 21:00*
Review sessions last 1h 30 min (all 3 league games in every group will be reviewed).
Language of review sessions: English

*Time zone: GMT-4 (New York time)

Group 1
Next cycle: League games on every Tuesday, reviews on every Wednesday since when 6 students are registered.
(5 league games, 5 review sessions)

- Mateusz Surma 2 dan professional EGF (one lesson per cycle per group)
- Andrii Kravets 1 dan professional EGF (two lessons per cycle per group)
- Fernando Aguilar 7 dan AAGO (two lessons per cycle per group)

55 EUR (or equivalent in USD, GBP, RUB, PLN)* per cycle
- You will play 5 games during 5 weeks.
- All 5 games will be reviewed by teachers.
- You can win vouchers as rewards.

12 EUR (or equivalent in USD, GBP, RUB, PLN)* per extra life & death problems packages
- In each week of the cycle you will receive 12 life & death problems (totally 60 problems).
- Your solutions will be checked by Stanisław Frejlak 7d and solutions with mistakes will be sent back to you.
- Each problem will be checked up to your 3rd wrong answer. Then, a correct solution will be sent to you.

*average mid-market (google) exchange rate at the time of payment

For each league game’s win: 1 euro
For the 1st place: 5 euro
For the 2nd place: 4 euro
For the 3rd place: 3 euro
For the 4th place: 2 euro
For the 5th place: 1 euro
For the 6th place: 0 euro
(Example: You won 3 games, lost 2. Achieved 3rd place. You get a voucher for 6 euro.)

Vouchers are exchangeable for any goods from
books, go equipment, shipping, lessons, tournament fees, camp fees.
Vouchers are cumulative. They are valid for 1 year.

Each student of our Online Go School gets 10% discount for Individual Go Lessons with Mateusz Surma 2p, Andrii Kravets 1p, Fernando Aguilar 7d, Stanisław Frejlak 7d, Cornel Burzo 7d, Lukas Podpera 7d.

Information about league system:
- 6 people in each group
- Round-robin system
- Players, who finished group on 1st and 2nd place, go up
- Players, who finished group on 5th and 6th place, go down
- Tie-breakers:
1st - no. of wins
2nd - SODOS (sum of defeated opponents’ wins)
3rd - direct match
4th - lottery (if there is a lottery, voucher prizes are shared equally among players who take part in the lottery)

Settings of league games:
Time: 30 min + 20s Fischer bonus per move per player (max accumulated time: 1h)
Japanese rules (komi 6,5).
Games are played on OGS ( ).
Reviews are held on OGS with group dialog through Discord ( ).

How to register?
Write an e-mail to with your name*, country, OGS nickname, information if you wish to receive extra life & death problems, your preferred currency and method of payment**.
Any questions? - feel free to ask us.
Registration deadline: We start when 6 students register

*If you register - you give us permission to write your name, country, rank and OGS nickname in the list of participants and results. If you wish to remain anonymous - please, let us know before making a payment.
**Methods of payment: Bank transfer*** (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN), Card transfer**** (RUB), PayPal***** (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN).
***EUR bank account is in the SEPA zone (Millennium Bank in Poland), USD bank account is a TransferWise account in USA, GBP bank account is a TransferWise account in Great Britain, PLN account is in Millennium Bank in Poland.
****Card for the transfer is from Tinkoff Bank in Russia.
*****For PayPal payment we add 4% to the price (for other methods of payments we don't add any additional charges).

Review schedule of the next cycle:

We will send you a video file (screen + sound) from each review session of your group.

Registered participants for the next cycle:

We make every effort to ensure that the Go products and Go lessons/Go courses we offer are of high quality.
If the product does not meet your expectations, please contact us within 30 days of purchase.
If the Go lesson/Go course does not meet your expectations, please contact us within 30 days after the lesson/course.
We will refund you 100% of the amount you paid.