Online Go School - America

Join our Online Go School for evenings in American time zone.


What is it?
- Students are divided into groups of 6.
- They play games online once per week.
- On the next day, a teacher reviews these games.
- Players move up/down in the league according to their results.
- Students get prizes for victories and achieved places.

Suggested level of students for whom these lessons are directed: 9 kyu and stronger (weaker students are invited for Online Group Go Lessons for Double-Digit-Kyu ).

League games start at: 21:00*
Students are allowed to play in some other time only if they both agree to change the time of their game.
Review sessions start on the next day at 21:00*
Review sessions last 1h 30 min (all 3 league games in every group will be reviewed).
Language of review sessions: English

*Time zone: GMT-4 (New York time)

Group 1
Next cycle: League games on every Monday, reviews on every Tuesday since 21.10.2019 till 19.11.2019
(5 league games, 5 review sessions)

Group 2
Next cycle: League games on every Tuesday, reviews on every Wednesday since 22.10.2019 till 20.11.2019
(5 league games, 5 review sessions)

Group 3
Next cycle: League games on every Wednesday, reviews on every Thursday since 23.10.2019 till 21.11.2019
(5 league games, 5 review sessions)

Group 4
Next cycle: League games on every Thursday, reviews on every Friday since 24.10.2019 till 22.11.2019
(5 league games, 5 review sessions)

Information about league system:
- 6 people in each group
- Round-robin system
- Players, who finished group on 1st and 2nd place, go up
- Players, who finished group on 5th and 6th place, go down
- Tie-breakers:
1st - no. of wins
2nd - SODOS (sum of defeated opponents’ wins)
3rd - direct match
4th - lottery (if there is a lottery, voucher prizes are shared equally among players who take part in the lottery)

- Mateusz Surma 2 dan professional EGF (one lesson per cycle per group)
- Fernando Aguilar 7 dan AAGO (two lessons per cycle per group)
- Ben Lockhart 7 dan AGA (two lessons per cycle per group)

70 USD (or equivalent in EUR, RUB, PLN)* per cycle
- You will play 5 games during 5 weeks.
- All 5 games will be reviewed by teachers.
- You can win vouchers as rewards.

12 EUR (or equivalent in USD, RUB, PLN)* per extra life & death problems packages
- In each week of the cycle you will receive 12 life & death problems (totally 60 problems).
- Your solutions will be checked by Stanisław Frejlak 7d and solutions with mistakes will be sent back to you.
- Each problem will be checked up to your 3rd wrong answer. Then, a correct solution will be sent to you.

*average mid-market (google) exchange rate at the time of payment

For each league game’s win: 1 USD
For the 1st place: 5 USD
For the 2nd place: 4 USD
For the 3rd place: 3 USD
For the 4th place: 2 USD
For the 5th place: 1 USD
For the 6th place: 0 USD
(Example: You won 3 games, lost 2. Achieved 3rd place. You get a voucher for 6 USD.)

Vouchers are exchangeable for any goods from
books, go equipment, shipping, lessons, tournament fees, camp fees.
Vouchers are cumulative. They are valid for 1 year.

Each student of our Online Go School gets 10% discount for Individual Go Lessons with teachers from the school.

Settings of league games:
Time: 30 min + 20s Fischer bonus per move per player
Japanese rules (komi 6,5).
Games are played on OGS ( ).
Reviews are held on OGS with group dialog through Discord ( ).

For the 1st cycle:
We will try to fit the players of similar level into the same groups.
We will consider your national rank/rating or rank/rating from any online go server.
If you don’t have rating or you haven’t played long on tournaments and you think that it isn’t accurate - please, send us 3 records of your recent games, so that we can estimate your level.

For the next cycles:
Players, who finished group on 1st and 2nd place, will play higher.
Players, who finished group on 5th and 6th place, will play lower.
If new people appear, they will be fit in the group according to our feeling of their current level.

How to register?
Write an e-mail to with your name*, country, OGS nickname, information if you wish to receive extra life & death problems, your preferred currency and method of payment**.
Any questions? - feel free to ask us.
Registration deadline: 23:59 GMT-4 on 14.10.2019 (you need to make a payment before the deadline to register)

*If you register - you give us permission to write your name, country, rank and OGS nickname in the list of participants and results. If you wish to remain anonymous - please, let us know before making a payment.
**Methods of payment: Bank transfer*** (EUR, USD, PLN), Card transfer**** (RUB), PayPal***** (EUR, USD, PLN).
***EUR bank account is in the SEPA zone (Millennium Bank in Poland), USD bank account is a TransferWise account in USA, PLN account is in Millennium Bank in Poland.
****Card for the transfer is from Tinkoff Bank in Russia.
*****For PayPal payment we add 4% to the price (for other methods of payments we don't add any additional charges).

Limit of participants: 24 people

If less people are registered - we cut the number of last registered people to a number dividable by 6 (to create full groups) and return the fees to people who registered last.
We will create a waiting list for the next cycles as well and if there are more people interested - start more groups.

Review schedule of the next cycle*:

*Teachers are allowed to switch with each other for certain sessions.

We will send you a video file (screen + sound) from each review session of your group.

Registered participants for the next cycle (21.10.2019 - 22.11.2019):