Leshan Feng (Leo)

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Name: Leshan Feng (Leo)
Country: United Kingdom
Strength: 5 dan EGF/Chinese standard
Available languages: English, Chinese
Price per 1h (60 minutes): 21 GBP

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Career and achievements as a player:
I am a Chinese student studying in the UK, currently a top 10 player in British Go Ranking List.

I started to play Go at the age of 6 in China mainland.
After graduated from high school, I travelled to Russia and play Go in local clubs followed a famous Chinese pro player Liu Xiaoguang, the time when I started to realize there are many Go players around the world apart from east Asia.

Go is a game that is extremely attractive once you get into it, and my goal is to promote it worldwide so as to share the ineffable entertainment of Go playing.

In recent years, I visited Go clubs in Berkeley, San Francisco, Liverpool and Manchester.
I also participated in online events held by Manchester Go club and Durham Go club, and taught Go in Manchester Go club online for one year.
Although English is not my mother tongue, I am confident about my oral expressions in Go teaching.

I did not participate in many tournaments these years partly because of Covid, but recently I attended three competitions:
3rd place in British Open (2021)
1st place in Durham Go Tournament (2021)
1st place in British Open (2022)

By the way, I used to be the chairman of Go club at XJTLU, an international university in China.
We achieved the championship (Group B) in Shanghai Go League for college students.
I was also the Go teacher of international players at XJTLU.

Suggested style of classes:
1. Single student: One to one lesson, including games with me and reviews, as well as reviews for other games you played.
2. Similar content for two players’ lesson, while details could be discussed and adjusted.
3. Group lessons (more than 2 players): Class content could be arranged based on players’ strengths and requirements.

Note that as a Chinese, I could easily get access to abundant resource of learning Go, and also introduce the stories and even history behind this game. Hopefully these could provide helps to your learning.
Furthermore, teaching is of primary importance for me though I am still studying at the university, and I would insist teaching online for a long period. No worries about sudden departure.

Available time:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 6pm-10pm GMT
Weekends: 10am-10pm GMT

Discounts for group lessons:
2 students in one lesson: 24 GBP/hour (12 GBP/hour per student)
More than 2 students in one lesson: 30 GBP/hour

Other discounts:
20% discount for your first lesson.
If you order a package of 10h of lessons, you will get an additional 1h for free.


You will receive a video from every Go lesson you had!

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