Jonas Welticke

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jonas_welticke.jpgName: Jonas Welticke
Country: Germany
Strength: 6 dan EGF
Available languages: English, German
Price per 1h (60 minutes): 30 euro

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My Go Journey:
I learned Go in 2009 after watching the "Hikaru no Go" series.
I actually got a Go board as a Christmas present one year earlier, that unfortunately wasn't of enough interest to me earlier, but now - through the fantasy of becoming the greatest player ever - the appeal of the board increased by a lot and I played a couple of games with my sister.
My sister's interest quickly faded, yet shortly after I got lucky again, as the first person that I've gotten into contact with on KGS was by chance someone from basically around the corner and she invited me to join the local Go evening at some University. Just a few months later I played in my first tournament and got completely hooked.

I played fanatically online, tried to review most of my games, dreamed about the game, studied it in school under the table and did everything I could to improve.
When I was 17 I went to Japan to study at the Nihon Kiin for 2-3 months and in 2016/17 i studied in China as part of the CEGO project, which was one of my fondest memories and a report of mine on that time can be found here:
Afterwards most of my Go improvement basically came from Meditation and other mindfulness techniques, a more healthy lifestyle and some general brain/concentration techniques that I also happily share in my teaching.

My Biggest Achievements:
2011 - 1st place German Youth Go Championship
2011 - Beating Benjamin Teuber (6 dan) at the end of the year
2012 - Representing Germany in the KPMC after winning the qualification tournament
2014 - European Youth Vice Champion
2015 - Good Performance in Guangzhou in World Team Championship
2017/18 - Becoming German Champion twice & Beating Kim Young Sam in a tense game in Frankfurt
Extra: 5 Times NRW Champion (my region), 1 Time European Student Champion


Sample lecture:




Me as a teacher:
I have tought Go at more than a dozen events in Germany over the years, where I really enjoy to look at games from people with completely different mindsets and try to see what I can learn from them and what would be useful to them.
I like to teach in a way that the student can translate to many areas of their life, not just Go.
For that reason I implement a lot of the ideas I have learned from other games (like Poker, MTG, Starcraft), and concepts I have learned in my spiritual and psychological studies that can be translated easily to Go or anything:
Wuwei & "What one needs most, is to be found, where one least want to look".

I like to give very novel impulses to the student that might be able to level up their progress.
Also I like to be quite demanding of my student, so if you really want to improve a lot, I can hold you to account.
If you want to have fun I am by no means the wrong teacher either, just my passion is definitely to get someone to kick more ass.

In my classes, I offer anything that might be helpful to the individual student whether that be Playing and reviewing - the default, lecturing on a specific topic, Quick blindfolded Go sessions where we both drink everytime a stone is captured - you name it.
Whatever might be useful or fun or that we deem the correct approach for whatever reason will be entertained.

If you are unsure about your preferred style of teaching I would recommend taking a free first lesson to see if and how we fit to each other.

Trial lesson: FREE OF CHARGE

I like to make up pricing very much based on the exact circumstances of how intense/fun the training should be and what we both find to be reasonable for that.
30€/hr is based on a lesson with a little bit of preperation on my side.
I offer a 10% discount when you order 10 or more lessons.

If you don't have enough money to pay for lessons but you feel like I would be a good fit as a teacher and you are passionate about the game, don't hesitate to tell me your circumstance and we might figure something out!


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