Go courses

We offer Go lessons conducted by trainers/teachers:

  Name Country Strength Available languages Price per 1h (60 minutes)
Mateusz Surma Poland 1 dan pro EGF English, Polish, Silesian, Russian 42 euro
Cornel Burzo Romania 6 dan EGF English, Romanian 36 euro
Marcin Majka Poland 4 dan EGF English, Polish 30 euro
Guzel Surma Russia 2 dan EGF English, Russian, Tatar 25 euro
Dawid Jurkiewicz Poland 2 dan EGF English, Polish 25 euro
Lukas Podpera Czech Republic 7 dan EGF English, Czech 14,40 euro


Do you want to order lessons? - Write us - contact@polgote.com

We ask you for writing in an e-mail:
- name of trainer, whose lessons you are interested of
- preferred language of lessons
- amount of ordered lessons
- preferred dates of lessons
- preferred style of classes
- preferred time per one lesson
- preferred server and your username

We will send you a video file from every lesson you had!


For orders below 50 euro there is an additional transaction fee of 2,50 euro.